lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014




For my first post I really wanted to write about makeup and specially about this Stila Stay all day liquid eyeliner, and that is because I simply LOVED this product since the day I bought it!
Before I got this eyeliner I tried a few other, even MAC eyeliner that looks very similar to this one and its really popular on internet but I didn´t like them. I want to start saying why i didn´t like the MAC eyeliner, well it faded away very very fast, I´m personally fan of waterproof makeup even when some people have told me that they are too strong for our skin and its better if we don´t use it too often, but I just can´t stand applying black eyeliner in the morning and having it grey at lunch, what happened to me with the MAC one. So that´s why i didn´t like the MAC one and don´t recommend it.
Ok for me the Stila one is perfect, because its REALLYY easy to use thanks to it´s marker tip, you can get a perfect cat-eye shape in seconds ! and for me the most important ! it really really lasts very long ! 
I got this at SEPHORA wich is my favv store ever ! but you can also buy it on web at:

I don´t want you to be wasting money on some really bad eyeliners trying to find the best so I spare you some time and money ! I hope this helps you! and I will answer any question !

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